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Fatboy Slim X Chemical X Pepita Coffee

Fatboy Slim X Chemical X Pepita Coffee

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Praise you – the new collaboration between Fatboy Slim, Chemical X & Pepita Coffee.

After dominating the DJ scene, superstar performer Fatboy Slim turned his attention to hot drinks and partnered with Portsmouth-based Pepita Coffee And now? The brand praises its DJ partner with the Fatboy Slim coffee tin designed by Chemical X. This tin is filled to the brim with the label’s signature Arabica blend and sees Fats immortalised in stained glass.

Chemical X has worked for almost three decades, becoming renowned around the world for his work based on pixels and the viewer’s brain’s ability to fill in what it wants to see. He made a name for himself for his unique design projects in the early 90s. One of the best-known is the logo he did for the Ministry of Sound, which has since become ubiquitous in club culture.

Throughout his career, he has collaborated with such impressive names as artists Damien Hirst, Banksy, and Jamie Hewlett, as well as major stars like Snoop Dogg and Paul Oakenfold. X has also collaborated with a number of major international brands, such as Disney, Vans, and MTV.

Place your tin on the windowsill or a countertop, but whatever you do, don’t keep this coffee in the cupboard!


Coffee Tin 250g Ground.

Collectable coffee tin with 250g 100% arabica, luxury blend ground coffee.

The taste is sweet and liqueur-like; velvety and elegant. The blend is made up of 8 meticulously selected, top quality arabicas from Central and South America, the horn of Africa and India. Fragrant and floral aroma with jasmine and rose petal notes. The full flavour has strong sweet accents and barely perceptible acidity. Delicate, lingering aftertaste. Enjoyable at any time of the day.

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