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Muphoria Gallery Berwick Street

Check Yo Self - Ice Cube - by BRT

Check Yo Self - Ice Cube - by BRT

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Check Yo Self - Ice Cube - Original Artwork by BRT

Original one-off spray painted portrait of Ice Cube on a 12" record. Mounted on a hip-hop graffiti frame with resin decoration.

This artwork has a real 90's nostalgic feel about it and the popping colours will be a real stand-out for any home.

Framed 65x65cm


BRT is a dynamic Graffiti pop artist born in London in the 70’s, when misunderstood graffiti started showing up on walls, with the breakdancing hip hop culture becoming mainstream.
All these influences combined to ignite his imagination, bringing his work straight back to the street of which inspired him.
Drawing on his passion for urban style and vibrant colour tones, BRT aims to revitalise the vision of urban space onto canvas and inspire people through his captivating works.
Each piece is unique and a reflection of the artist’s charm, personality and love . Whether painting on canvas, timber, walls or reflections on culture, BRT’s work is as refreshing and dynamic as it is powerful.
Through his hand painted unique style, using multiple layers of acrylic and spray paint , BRT presents the world with a new perspective on his beloved concept of Street Pop art.

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