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George Michael Close Up by Brian Aris

George Michael Close Up by Brian Aris

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George Michael C-type Print by Brian Aris

20x24 C-type edition 25


Not many photographers land a Vogue front cover by accident but then Brian Aris is a unique individual. Travelling with Princess Anne to Ethiopia in the 1970s, one of his pictures of Her Highness was picked up by the fashion behemoth - much to the young photographer's chagrin. "Being on Vogue was the last thing I wanted," recalls Aris. "I wasn't interested in fashion photography at all." He wanted to photograph the famine and he returned to do just that, ultimately being smuggled out of the country by plane to prevent the government confiscating the pictures that would become front page news around the world. A decade later, Aris returned to Ethiopia with Bob Geldof for Band Aid. He was no longer a news photographer, having become disillusioned by the lack of interest in his pictures of the Vietnam War. Instead he mainly photographed musicians: name an icon and Aris has probably captured them. Bowie. Madonna. Queen. The Queen. Aris released a limited edition book on George Michael in 2023. This archive represents one of the largest individual collections of George in the UK.

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