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Muphoria Gallery Berwick Street

Grace-Jones - Aluminium - Small - The Postman

Grace-Jones - Aluminium - Small - The Postman

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Grace-Jones - Aluminium - Small by The Postman.

Please note there is a 4-6 week lead time for this artwork.

Grace Jones is a central muse for The Postman, embodying unapologetic confidence, attitude, and stunning beauty, while the Studio 54 era fuels their inspiration.

Initially crafted in 2019 for Brighton Pride, where Jones performed, the artwork has evolved to reflect their current Urban Pop Art aesthetic, blending mixed media with elements of graffiti.

The brushed aluminium pieces are created using the finest UV inks for lasting vibrant colours. The artwork includes a handmade solid wood box frame.


Material - Brushed Aluminium with high quality UV inks 
Framing - Solid Wood Box Frame (White or Black)
This Edition: 65x48cm - Limited Edition of 10
Certificate of Authenticity (COA) supplied


From the vibrant streets of Brighton, UK, emerges THE POSTMAN, a dynamic street artist duo whose vivid pop-art inspired murals have become a captivating presence in cities worldwide.

Rooted in their graffiti and photography backgrounds, THE POSTMAN's artistic process is an eclectic fusion of techniques, seamlessly combining imagery with spray paint, stencils, collage, and digital media. Their craftsmanship breathes life into the urban landscape with bursts of colour and a general feel of inclusivity and nostalgia.

Choosing to embrace anonymity, THE POSTMAN allows their art to take center stage, without the need for personal recognition. This enigmatic approach adds an air of intrigue, inviting viewers to immerse themselves fully in the art's visual narrative.

Since their inception in 2018, THE POSTMAN has accumulated an extensive and dedicated following, both through word-of-mouth and the power of social media. Their distinct style has caught the attention of notable figures such as the Bob Marley Estate, Dave Navarro, and Noel Gallagher, leading to commissions that serve as a testament to their artistic talent.

Collaboration lies at the heart of THE POSTMAN's creative journey who have partnered up with acclaimed photographers like Adrian Boot, David LaChapelle and Dave Hogan.

THE POSTMAN has been recognised and featured by esteemed platforms such as the BBC, LA Weekly, and the renowned Saatchi Gallery, solidifying their status as rising stars in the art world.

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