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Noel Gallagher Signed ’78 Gibson Les Paul Custom

Noel Gallagher Signed ’78 Gibson Les Paul Custom

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An extremely rare chance to own one of -20 ONLY- Gibson Custom Shop Murphy Labs 1978 Les Pauls; HAND SIGNED by Noel Gallagher.
The original guitar was gifted to Noel Gallagher by Johnny Marr who had also played it many times, including to record the iconic Smiths album, the Queen is Dead. The original guitar was used by Noel in the early days of Oasis, including in the video for "Whatever" and on the album What's The Story (Morning Glory). 

The guitar is brand new, unplayed and with the certificate from Murphy Labs, who have aged the guitar to match Noel's original. 

Noel has personally signed the guitar on the back of the headstock. 
Johnny Marr says: “He was just this guy who I recognised was intense and really serious about what he was doing, and he was skint and I had a load of guitars and I thought, ‘right OK well I’ll give him this guitar’,” Marr had already gifted Gallagher one guitar, but that one was broken when an intruder jumped on stage to attack Liam and Noel came to his defence. The '78 Les Paul was then gifted to Noel by Marr as a replacement because it was "too heavy to smash anyones head in".
Marr does say however, that the only reason he gave him the second guitar was because he was "too hungover to think straight" and subsequently gave up the booze.
If only all guitars came with such an epic story!
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