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Original Giant Cassette – Radiohead, The Bends - Chris Barton

Original Giant Cassette – Radiohead, The Bends - Chris Barton

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Original, Hand-Painted, Hand-Created Giant Cassette by Chris Barton.

This handmade cassette is matched exactly to the original, with a hand painted canvas label. The cassette case has a functioning custom acrylic cover and fits the cassette perfectly inside. A bespoke wall mount is included to display the artwork on your wall alongside the original cassette. If preferred, the artwork can also be presented in sculpture form, side by side, on a table top or shelf.

Comes with the original cassette to display alongside the art.

Original one-off 74x40cm


Chris Barton’s fascination with films led him to work as an animatronic mechanical designer at Jim Henson’s Creature Shop in 1987. There, he crafted the inner mechanisms of creatures for films like The Witches, The Flintstones, and Babe. Chris later became a lead mechanical designer, contributing to iconic creations in movies such as The Fifth Element, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, and six Harry Potter films.
In recent years, Chris has designed bespoke displays for collectors of original film props and costumes. His most distinctive work includes crafting four times larger than life cassettes and cassette cases. Chris’s artistic journey has taken him from film sets to racing tracks, and his successful exhibitions span cities like London, Manchester, York, Dublin, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Notably, he has collaborated with acclaimed artists Morgan Howell and Horace Panter in their popular ‘Cassette versus Vinyl’ show.

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