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Muphoria Gallery Berwick Street

POP SMILEY Winged Blue Edition Note by TBOY

POP SMILEY Winged Blue Edition Note by TBOY

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POP SMILEY Winged Red Edition Note by TBOY

Inspired by a mixture of Acid House and Pop Culture, Original 80’s £1 notes have been used to create these one-off artworks. 

Double mounted 

Box frame 

TBOY's interpretation of modern POP art. Layers of glass reverse painted to create levels of texture , shade and colour over vintage comic book collage under original bank note with winged smiley.


Signed and numbered 1/1

330 x 240 approx


TBOY embarked on his artistic journey at Worthing College of Art and Design, initially delving into the realm of fine art before transitioning to 3D design. Following his academic pursuits, he embarked on an apprenticeship in frame-making and colour finishing, where he unearthed a multitude of diverse techniques that would profoundly shape his artistic vision. However, fate had other plans, leading TBOY down a different path, into the realm of online retail specializing in rare trainers and streetwear. Yet, throughout this journey, he continued to quietly nurture his passion for creative expression.

Fast forward to the tumultuous year of 2020, a period of lockdown provided TBOY with a precious opportunity to rekindle his enduring love for art. Since that reconnection, TBOY has maintained an unwavering commitment to the craft, his artistic spirit unyielding. Influenced by iconic figures, his love of music, and pivotal moments in history, TBOY's work has garnered global acclaim and is sought after by art enthusiasts from all over the world. His artistry, characterized by a profound appreciation for colour and texture, has earned him a reputation far and wide.

TBOY's works have graced the walls of prestigious exhibitions in cities such as London, Manchester, Nottingham, Brighton, Scotland, and New York. His artistic ethos is steeped in an unrelenting pursuit of detail and a commitment to impeccable finishing. He skilfully weaves thought-provoking messages and humour into his pieces, all while increasingly focusing on crafting unique, one-of-a-kind creations and exclusive limited editions.

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