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Rainbow Queen - Illuminati Neon

Rainbow Queen - Illuminati Neon

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The Proud Queen - Hand Embellished Rainbow Queen Print - Illuminati Neon

Large Hand Embellished Print in Bespoke, Ornate Frame.


Framed size: 105x75cm


Look to the light.

Follow the light.

The London based artist Illuminati draws on his punk roots and lifelong passion for rock music, its attitude, articulation and cultural dynamism. Using vintage and historic flags, clothing and distressed materials which he crowns with neon and in doing so  brings new life to these lost materials and phrases.
Every neon art piece is hand blown to the highest standard and created in Illuminati's west London studio.
Illuminati Neon can be found in many galleries and establishments, burning brightly on the walls of collections worldwide.



"Life is strange, embrace it"

- Mark Sloper

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