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Muphoria Gallery Berwick Street

"Rock N Roll" Original Neon Artwork with Frame By Ghost

"Rock N Roll" Original Neon Artwork with Frame By Ghost

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"Rock N Roll" Original Neon Artwork with Frame By Ghost

Mixed Media / Embellished Artworks incorporating "Plug & Play" Neon light application 

Original artwork combining portraiture, graffiti and newspaper cuttings with genuine neon wording displayed together in a bespoke frame ready to hang and light up your home.

This is an original one of one so nobody else will have the same.

Framed Size: 167.64 × 76.2 cm

*Neon Original Artworks are accompanied by bespoke and stencilled Wi-Fi plugs that allow clients to operate the neon's remotely from an App on their Android / iPhone. Also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.


GHOST is a collaborative project of two artists, exhibiting cutting edge, rebellious, mix media artworks for only a handful of galleries across the UK. Despite the high demand, it is important to GHOST to keep the work as exclusive as possible. With the small amount of artworks that are taken to print being run in extremely small edition sizes. We are honoured to give our clients at Muphoria Gallery the rare opportunity to own their very own GHOST artwork.

Ghost focuses on transforming the viewers perspective on an icon or character and reconstruct their subject by manipulating, embellishing and altering the images. Using street art as a source of inspiration, Ghosts' artworks are a nod to anti-establishment ideals. Drawn to the emotive response of street art, Ghost set out to create unique pieces which celebrate the diversity of urban art. They use mixed media, digital techniques and oil painting to create a variety of styles. From allegorical symbols to hidden meanings, each Ghost piece is uniquely different.


"I am a self taught artist ,I threw myself straight into the deep end by starting with oil paint portraits Which I now specialize in. I am originally from South Wales, but I now live in the South of England where I was lucky enough to get a second chance in life. I am very fortunate to have found my love for art which helps keep me on the straight and narrow. I am very influenced by street art, tattoo art and I still have a guilty pleasure for anti establishment which I try to put into my art. I hope you enjoy" - Jake Ghost

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