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Muphoria Gallery Berwick Street

Vinyl 45s Spot Painting - Alistair Bennett - Ali B

Vinyl 45s Spot Painting - Alistair Bennett - Ali B

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Vinyl 45s Spot Painting - Alistair Bennett - Ali B

Painted birch panels
116cm x 81cm
Edition of 3

Ali B's (Alistair Bennett) 45s Spot Painting celebrates his background in the music industry. It is both simple and iconic, which has seen variations of this edition grace the walls of galleries all over the world. The piece is crafted from finely cut panels of birch, individually hand painted, using 150 carefully selected colours. The work is signed, dated and numbered by the artist and is limited to an edition of three. Presented in a white, wooden, open frame.


Alistair Bennett (Ali B) Contemporary Artist

Lives & works in London, UK

Alistair Bennett (Ali B) has an eclectic and varied music industry background spanning over two decades, as both a DJ and an artist. He has worked on various installations at Burning Man, where he has been a regular fixture for over a decade. He has spent several years assisting renowned POP artist Clive Barker, collaborating with him on the aptly titled 'Clive's Brush' (2018). His work is typically three dimensional, using a variety of materials. 

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